I Care for Kids: Amanda and Odyssi by Susanne Salehi

What makes I Care for Kids so special? Part of the magic is being able to reach so many children in Memphis who need our help seeing better. Our patients are unique and have unique needs. We love being able to care for them. Meet two of our young patients: Odyssi and Amanda, and their mother, Tamika.

Amanda and Odyssi

Odyssi is a thoughtful ninth grader who answers every question after careful consideration. She loves to draw, enjoys learning different languages, and loves to play golf. Her mother likes to tell the story of when her little sister Amanda was sick, Odyssi crawled into the hospital bed to hold her. Before Odyssi came to SCO for vision therapy, Tamika worried about her daughter’s grades. Odyssi had difficulty focusing her eyes and skipped words and letters when she read aloud. She had also made two D’s and an F, which surprised her mother, who knew that Odyssi was bright. She also had difficulty concentrating in class. Her mother said “Her mind would go straight out of the window at school,” said Tamika. Being in Vision Therapy helped Odyssi’s ability to concentrate and now, she is on the Honor Roll!

Amanda is as bubbly as her sister is reserved. She is in the second grade and looks up to her sister and Doc McStuffins. She likes to take care of everyone around her, even her glasses! She tucks them into their case at night, so that they can rest and be full of knowledge again in the morning. She plays golf just like Odyssi, and even made the front page of the Commerical Appeal while playing! Tamika noticed that Amanda was having problems similar to Odyssi’s. Amanda had trouble paying attention and people were always asking her to slow down. After vision therapy, Amanda calmed down so much,” said Tamika. “She learned to focus, and her golf game has improved!”

Without the I Care for Kids program, Tamika would not be able to afford the expense of vision therapy for her children. Did you know that 80% of learning is done visually? Tamika knows that I Care for Kids made a huge difference in her daughters’ lives, and she is so grateful for the support she received. Odyssi and Amanda are doing better in school and with focusing. She credits this to the vision therapy they received.

A small gift can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Just $38 pays for one hour of vision therapy! You can be the person that removes barriers for Memphis children just like Odyssi and Amanda. Click here to visit our I Care for Kids page.

Susanne Salehi is the Grants and Community Engagement Coordinator at Southern College of Optometry. She loves working for an organization that truly believes in the importance of giving back to the community! In her free time, she enjoys playing rugby, writing, and hanging out with her two cats.