Service at SCO, with Puppies! by Sal Bhatti

I'll start off with a little background about me. My name is Sal and I love to help people improve and better their situation in any way possible. When I received an e-mail from Eye Serve Memphis that informed me that I had an opportunity to help take care of doggies for a whole day, how could I say no? 

The night before, I packed water bottles, sunscreen, and my best tennis shoes in order to be prepared for the next day. That morning, I was debating whether or not I should stay in my comfortable bed. I decided that I did not want to miss helping out the community. I groggily drove to the Memphis Animal Shelter at 8:30 AM.  My grogginess shifted to excitement once I saw the adorable pups.

A group of us drove two-year-old Luna to Shelby Farms. We had a great time running around and exploring the park with Luna. She was the sweetest little buddy ever. Afterward, it was so tough to say goodbye to Luna. Part of me wanted to adopt her, but I knew that I could not give her the attention and care she deserved since I am still a student.

I gained perspective on the importance of being part of the community by seeing how much unconditional love these beautiful creatures give. Everyone deserves happiness and feeling special, including dogs. In the future, I will adopt as many dogs as reasonably possible and treat each one with the most care and love I can give. 

Sal Bhatti is a 1st-year student at Southern College of Optometry. He is involved in Student Government Association, Optometric Private Practice Club, Contact Lens Society, North Carolina State Club, Georgia State Club, American Optometric Student Association, and serves as President of the Class of 2022. Sal loves volunteering and helping people improve their lives.