Hard Work Pays Off: Amanda’s Vision Therapy Journey by Dr. Alicia Groce

You were first introduced to Amanda and her sister Odyssi on Giving Tuesday. Today I want to tell you a little more about Amanda, the sweet spunky little girl who tucks her glasses into their case at bed time so they can rest and be full of knowledge in the morning.

My name is Dr. Groce, and I had the pleasure of working with Amanda in Vision therapy every Friday afternoon for a year and a half. When I first met Amanda she was 6 years old and came to us because she was having trouble with coordination, attention and learning how to read. Like many of our patients, she was struggling keeping her place when reading due to difficulties with her eye movements. She was really struggling in school at a time when learning to read was imperative and struggling with it was frustrating to her.

Amanda started coming to therapy weekly. Therapy is lots of fun and Amanda loved it. She was the life of Friday afternoons during her time in therapy. Everyone in the building knew her and she loved working with all the different students. Like most kids, Amanda thought she was just playing games, but really, we are arranging conditions for her to learn how to use her eyes better together. When Amanda first started therapy, she would flutter from one activity to another really quickly. As time when on, she began to realize that these activities were helping her and she started to be able concentrate for longer periods of time. As we worked with her, I saw her attention span improve and her confidence improve. Activities that she wouldn’t even try at first, she began to ask to try to challenge herself. Through therapy, Amanda learned to use her eyes better together and process information more efficiently. Most importantly, Amanda learned that she could succeed and gained confidence in her academic skills. Amanda graduated from therapy last month after lots of hard work. On the day of her graduation, her mom brought in her report card and she got straight A’s. We are all so proud of Amanda and the work she put into therapy. She is a wonderful example of how hard work pays off!

I Care for Kids allows children like Amanda to learn how to use their eyes better together and process visual information more efficiently so they can succeed in the classroom and gain the confidence they need to be successful students! You can learn more about I Care for Kids by clicking here

Dr. Alicia Groce is an Assistant Professor at Southern College of Optometry. She is Residency trained in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy. She has a passion for children and helping them reach their maximum potential through vision therapy. She works with kids and adults of all ages with a heart for serving patients with special needs, learning related vision problems and traumatic brain injury.