SCO Employees Give Back During SCO Service Day

SCO employees spent their morning volunteering in a number of hands-on activities to help other nonprofits in our community as part of SCO's Staff Service Day. SCO continues our work to enhance collaboration with community partners through community engagement and various service opportunities.  Volunteers interacted with patients at LeBonheur Children's Hospital, prepared food and participated in a community cookout at Catholic Charities of West Tennessee, attended a... Read More
Posted by Kate Bucko at Wednesday, September 18, 2019

SCO Faculty & Staff Donate Backpacks to Bruce Elementary

SCO's faculty and staff members really came through for students at Bruce Elementary School as we have donated over 81 backpacks in our recent Back Pack Drive, which was organized by SCO’s Social & Service Committee. The backpacks were delivered to the school on Wednesday and filled with school supplies for over 200 schoolchildren who are transitioning from homelessness with the help of the Salvation Army.  “It always brings me joy to help a local organization... Read More
Posted by Kate Bucko at Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Beta Sigma Kappa Teams Up with Vitalant to Save Lives

SCO's Beta Sigma Kappa, an international optometric honor society, teamed up with Vitalant to offer everyone the opportunity to help save lives through their blood drive.  Formerly known as Lifeblood, Vitalant is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit and community blood service providers. At our last blood drive, twenty-two donations were given, which saved as many as 66 lives in the Mid-South.  During the blood drive, two students took time out of their... Read More
Posted by Kate Bucko at Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SCO Receives Top Honors at 3rd Annual Volunteer Memphis Awards

Southern College of Optometry was in the spotlight at the Volunteer Memphis Awards, taking home two of the top categories for our service to the Memphis community. The awards recognize “individuals, civic groups, non-profits, and companies who represent excellence in volunteerism and make the Mid-South a better place.” Jan Frazier-Scott from SCO’s Human Resources team was named the 2018 Volunteer of the Year for her commitment for her service through the NAACP Memphis... Read More
Posted by Kate Bucko at Friday, June 28, 2019

SIP’n to Foster Interprofessional Relationships in Memphis - By: Lauren Watson

When thinking about my future, I imagine myself leading a successful optometric career. Success looks different for everyone, but for me this means making a difference in the community where I choose to practice. If there is one theme that prevails in optometry school, it’s that patients are more than just a set of eyes for us to treat. Patients are whole human beings who need their health care managed not as a set of separate parts, but in a wholistic manner. The way to do this... Read More

Cultivating a Neighboring Community Through Service By Kelsey Whitcomb

At the heart of my passion for community service is the desire to be a good neighbor. A community thrives when neighbors look out for one another; they share their own gifts and talents and graciously accept help from each other. One of the things that drew me to SCO from the very beginning was this sort of neighboring mentality that permeates the air at 1245 Madison Ave. Any time I have needed help finding anything from car repair shops, to the best ER to go to, off-the-beaten-path... Read More

A Passion for Service: My Experience With SGA By Kailey Soileau

As I walked into the doors of Southern College of Optometry, so many things rushed through my head. This was the moment I had been waiting for, yet it was all so overwhelming.  I was moving seven hours away from all of the people who laid the foundation for who I am today. It was a large city, a large class, and so many new people. Little did I know, this is where I would find my home away from home.     In previous years, I had searched through several... Read More

SCO Honors its First Eye Serve Memphis Service Award Recipients

Southern College of Optometry's mission includes "fostering a personal commitment to service," and our faculty and staff live that commitment every day. At this year's SCO Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day Luncheon, employees were recognized for their service, including volunteer service to the community. Among the first recipients of the college's new Eye Serve Memphis Award was faculty member Dr. Julie Shalhoub, whose blog post about her... Read More

How Helping Others Helped Me - By Mackenzie Kohnen

When I started my first year at SCO, I decided that I would step outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to take on challenges that I’d normally shy away from so that I could grow as much as possible during my four years here. I thought about what area of growth I wanted to pursue, and I landed on selfless service. While I consider myself a caring person, I had always taken a more reserved approach to serving the community. I would make donations or spend a morning volunteering at a church... Read More

Growing Roots in Memphis With SCO: By Dr. Julie Shalhoub

I’m not from Memphis, but I belong here. I moved to Memphis in July 2015 for what was supposed to be a one-year stint. I was here for an optometry residency to specialize in Pediatric Optometry. I had virtually nothing invested in SCO or Memphis seeing as I was renting everything down to my apartment furniture and could count on one hand the number of people I knew in the city. My original plan was to stay for 12 months and then pack up my car and head home to join or open an eye... Read More

Youth Villages: By Madeleine Haynes

     January is National Mentoring Month, and I’m excited to share a little about Southern College of Optometry’s involvement in and commitment to the Youth Villages Mentor Program.      Since I first connected with SCO almost two and a half years ago, our mentor program has worked with 27 SCO mentors (including students, faculty, and staff) who have provided over 580 hours of mentoring time to 31 children. It’s incredible to think of how many... Read More

Fellowship of Christian Optometrists: Becoming Locals in a Transition City - By: Hannah Williams

      This year, I serve as the president of the SCO chapter of Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO), after having been a member of FCO since my first year in optometry school.  SCO is fortunate to be located in a city that is “not too big, but not too small,” allowing us to take part in fun events and outreach events between cultures and races that simply may not be found in towns that some of our students come from.  FCO provides monthly... Read More

Hard Work Pays Off: Amanda’s Vision Therapy Journey by Dr. Alicia Groce

You were first introduced to Amanda and her sister Odyssi on Giving Tuesday. Today I want to tell you a little more about Amanda, the sweet spunky little girl who tucks her glasses into their case at bed time so they can rest and be full of knowledge in the morning. My name is Dr. Groce, and I had the pleasure of working with Amanda in Vision therapy every Friday afternoon for a year and a half. When I first met Amanda she was 6 years old and came to us because she was having trouble... Read More

Eye Spy Lions, Tigers, And Bears! Oh My! by Alexis Clay

One of the first major service interactions I was involved in here in Memphis was one I got the opportunity to lead: Eye Spy a Day at the Zoo.  In a nut shell, it is a Saturday at the Memphis Zoo where the zoo attendees can participate in stations throughout their day and learn about how human and animal eyes work and how to keep them healthy.  There are 8 different stations that address topics such as why optical illusions work, learning about color vision with spin art, and learning... Read More

Mission Work Fueled My Love for Optometry by Dr. Megan Kortum

Serving others has always been at the forefront of my “why” in choosing optometry.  In my application process to optometry school, SCO was a stand-out amongst other perspective schools in many including community outreach and mission programs. As an undergraduate, I had recently returned from a life-changing medical mission trip to Nicaragua and knew that was something important to me in my optometric education. At the time, SCO was one of the few optometry schools with a... Read More

Gamma Omicron Reaches Out to the Community by Michaela Sasse

As Community Outreach Chair for Gamma Omicron at the Southern College of Optometry, I have the privilege of coordinating several service events with organizations in the Memphis community including Boys & Girls Club, Junior League of Memphis, and Dress for Success. When going into a service project, I generally find myself thinking about the “good” that it will do for other people, whether that is donating clothing or providing activities that promote health. However, after... Read More

Service at SCO, with Puppies! by Sal Bhatti

I'll start off with a little background about me. My name is Sal and I love to help people improve and better their situation in any way possible. When I received an e-mail from Eye Serve Memphis that informed me that I had an opportunity to help take care of doggies for a whole day, how could I say no?  The night before, I packed water bottles, sunscreen, and my best tennis shoes in order to be prepared for the next day. That morning, I was debating whether or not I should... Read More
at Tuesday, December 4, 2018

I Care for Kids: Amanda and Odyssi by Susanne Salehi

What makes I Care for Kids so special? Part of the magic is being able to reach so many children in Memphis who need our help seeing better. Our patients are unique and have unique needs. We love being able to care for them. Meet two of our young patients: Odyssi and Amanda, and their mother, Tamika. Odyssi is a thoughtful ninth grader who answers every question after careful consideration. She loves to draw, enjoys learning different languages, and loves to play golf. Her mother likes... Read More
at Monday, November 26, 2018